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Voluntary Benefits  |  Group Rate Insurance

Benefits offered by employers to their employees helps lower the cost of doing business by allowing for a higher retention rate of your employees.  Benefits are proven to keep employees longer at a position as the employee feels valued by the employer who provides benefits as well as the employee understanding that benefits such as life and dental insurance and retirement benefits aren’t given out by every employer and are thus valued by the employee.  Higher retention rates equals lower employee costs when having to hire and train new/replacement employees if someone leaves your company.

Benefits offered by Morton South for business is provided by Transamerica.  Transamerica is a stable, long term insurance carrier that helps America’s workers preserve and protect their health and financial well-being.

Benefits can also be provided to your employees at no cost to the business!  The cost is paid by the employee through payroll deductions at group rate prices.

Voluntary Benefits

Sometimes called “supplemental insurance”, voluntary benefits are policies your employees buy to add to the health and life insurance they may all already own.  These benefits can help pay for the things that their regular insurance won’t such as out of pocket expenses, lost wages, co-pays, and household bills.  These insurance policies are offered to your employees at group rates that they may not otherwise be entitled privately.

Advantages For The Insured

  • Flexibility – use claim payments however they like – pay deductibles, co-pays or other expenses not covered by traditional insurance.

  • Portability – take coverage with them if they leave your job or retire.

  • Stability – maintain coverage whether they are employed or not.

  • Convenience – pay premiums via payroll deductions, bank draft or direct billing.

Advantages For The Business

  • Employee Retention – keep employees happy and on the job by providing benefit options

  • Minimal Participation – start providing benefits if you have three or more employees

  • Human Resource Library – Free access for the business to human resource documents including hiring and termination agreements and company policy handbooks

  • Optional Benefit Offerings – Legal Shield subscriptions, MD Live (speak to a doctor by phone or web), and WellCard Savings.

Available Policies

  • Supplemental Insurance – Accident Insurance – help cover out of pocket expenses in the event of a covered accident

  • Cancer and Critical Illness – Help with the high cost of cancer or critical illness treatments

  • Dental Insurance – Via a PPO plan, choose your dentist and assist with the cost of procedures from routine checkups to crowns and root canals

  • Disability Insurance – Helps replace a part of your income if you are unable to work because of a covered injury or illness

  • Life Insurance – Helps pay for final expenses and helps provide financial security for your family members includes retirement options as well

Give Morton South a call to explore providing Benefits to your employees at no cost to your business or click the link “Request a Quote” to the right.

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Group Rate Insurance

If you are a member of the following groups/jobs, you may qualify for group rate term life insurance at substantially lower rates through the OBA.  Give us a call to find out at 843-732-8732 or submit a Request For A Quote.

Homeschool Associations

Government Employee (State, Local and Federal)

Military (Active and Retired)

Police, Fireman, 1st Responders


Doctors, Nurses and Associated Employees

Airline and Travel Industry

Spouses of eligible group members

Coverage is through the Officer’s Benefit Association (OBA).  You can find out about the organization here. 

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