Everplans – Your Life. Your Legacy Organized and Saved Safely

Say goodbye to boxes stuffed with papers, and hello to a whole new way to organize your life and share that information with your loved ones.
Clients of Morton South Insurance receive a free Everplans account.
Everplans is an online digital repository for your life’s most important information designed to be shared (all at your discretion) with your family, executors, beneficiaries, financial advisors, etc…
Everything in your life is organized once and for all – Wills, Life Insurance policies, healthcare documents, pet information, digital accounts, and so much more.
Make sure the people you love the most have all the vital, useful, and heartfelt information they’ll need in case something happens to you.
We provide tons of resources — articles, checklists, state-by-state guides — to help you avoid confusion and stay on track.

How Does Everplans Work?
Secure Storage A comprehensive digital archive with industry-leading security technology. HIPAA compliant, bank level security, and all data encrypted.Expert GuidanceStep-by-step guidance to help you round out your plan.SharingEasily share your plan with family, close friends, and trusted advisors.
If you are interested in a free Everplans account, please contact us at Morton South Insurance by calling us at 843-936-0632 or send an email.